[ Sobre Mí ]

Soy una arquitecta y fotógrafa mexicana.

Coleccionista del tiempo, el espacio y la mirada. 

Mi trabajo intenta que el espectador experimente con el sentido de percepción, partiendo de sus propias experiencias y de cómo construye su memoria.


[ About Me ]

I am a Mexican architect and photographer.

Collector of time, space and gaze.

My work tries to make the viewer experiment with the sense of perception, based on his own experiences and how he builds his memory.

“Photography has given the artist a broad field for experimentation, a nomadic technique that matches her current reality and offers the possibility of a continuous relation to space (inherited from her career as an architect), that —in the context of her demanding and generous nature— creates the opportunity to permanently reinvent herself.”

- Jaime Contreras, Art Curator


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