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Perceptio Book Contribution

The production of art books has slowed down significantly worldwide in the recent years. Support from the public and private sectors for Art and Culture have decreased and are getting scarcer; while the production costs of books are very high and completely out of reach for most of the people. This situation is especially complex in developing countries like Mexico.

Art books are not usually a business; but rather a broadcast medium to democratize art and make it available to a greater percentage of the population.

If you want to collaborate with this cause you can do it here. No matter how small your contribution, it all adds up!

Sending you my most sincere gratitude.

                            - Paola Bárcena (Mexico City, October 2022)

* In gratitude for collaborations from one thousand five hundred mexican pesos and up, you will receive a courtesy book (shipping costs not included).

* The book is now available and on sale in $650 Mexican pesos.

* There are different proposals for majority collaborators. There are options where you can receive from 50 to 100 copies in exchange for your contribution (books that you can use for your year-end gifts); as well as one or two artworks from the catalog that you choose, in large format and ready to hang on a wall. If you are interested, more details can be sent to you.

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As a commemoration of my individual exhibition "Perceptio" at Casa de la Cultura Puebla last year, and as a celebration of the event, the book / catalog "Perceptio" has been made, where the exhibited artwork is shown in addition to the new subsequent work belonging to the series.
The book is now available.
As support for production costs of the book, two limited-edition artworks are offered at a special sale, with discount.
To learn more and have the opportunity to acquire some of the special sale work, access the following link:
Artwork at Special Sale



Uyuni - 19 - 18:57

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Jökulsárlón - 21 - 10:57 - II 

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Perceptio Book

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Perceptio Book Contribution

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